Why do physicians

choose us

We are on a mission to provide the easiest referral process and the best patient care. We pride ourselves in facility to provider communication.


Expert Care

When you refer a patient to our centers, you can be confident that your patient will receive the highest quality, medically supervised infusion therapy available.

Operating Hours


9.30 am – 05.00 pm


By appointment


By appointment


Referral Process

Referring patients has never been easier. We do all the  heavy lifting, including ALL PRIOR  AUTHORIZATIONS. Our simple referral process is the result of decades of practice and expertise.
Just one fax or phone call to our infusion center will initiate the authorization process immediately. We will source all financial assistance which your patients may be eligible for in order to provide their infusion therapy at the lowest out-of-pocket costs to them. We will provide  you with a follow-up report on the patient’s infusion procedure in a timely manner and notify you immediately if your patient has any concerns or has experienced any adverse events during the infusion therapy.



We work directly with you and/or your office to deliver a coordinated treatment plan that is customized for each patient. We will keep you informed of all patient appointments and compliance throughout their treatment.



We are committed to maintaining the privacy of your patient’s health information. We are in full compliance with all HIPAA laws regarding the standards for privacy and security in handling private patient information. All communication regarding patients—even faxes—is transmitted securely.

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