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About Our Center

Located in South Florida, BioHealth brings together the highest standards of patient care and the comfort of well-appointed centers. At BioHealth we promise to provide leading treatment capabilities providing biologic and non-biologic multi-speciality infusions to patients. We are here to help you in managing and treating all aspects of your disease. 

We provide life-saving infusible and injectable therapies that can help patients regain function, decrease pain, and improve the quality of life.

We Are Always

Glad to Help

BioHealth Infusion Center offers infusion therapy for patients needing treatments for various medical conditions.

Our mission centers on ensuring the patient’s infusion experience is safe, convenient, and comfortable.

Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

Prompt Service

From the first contact to Biohealth, the authorization process can begin immediately.

Modern Equipment

We seek the highest standards in terms of equipment for our state-of-the-art office center.

Quality & Safety

BioHealth only employs qualified medical team with extensive knowledge to care for our patients safely and effectively.

Comfortable Environment

Comfy reclining chairs in your own private space where you can get time to relax.

Qualified Doctors

A highly experienced medical team trained in the infusion techniques for each medication.

Patient Care

Our patients are monitored all throughout by a licensed healthcare professional.

Modern Treatment

Our doctors provide a state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment.


At BioHealth we are committed to offering affordable treatment, with upfront pricing and no hidden cost.

Pleased and Happy Patients

Our Satisfied Patients

All infusion therapies are administered in a quiet setting, designed to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed while they are monitored carefully.

Our patients will have a beverage/snack bar & a tv with streaming services such as netflix, hulu, etc. as well as blankets and pillows.

Our Infusion Center

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IV Vitamins Improve Immune System

IV Vitamins Make Me Active

IV Vitamins Beat Hangover

IV Vitamins Energize Me

IV Vitamins Recharge Me

IV Vitamins Detoxify Me

IV Vitamins Slow Down Aging

IV Vitamins Make Me Younger

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