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An infusion is a procedure that delivers medication into your bloodstream. The medication flows from a sterile bag through plastic tubing and a small needle inserted into one of your veins. 

A licensed healthcare professional such as a nurse trained to provide infusion therapy will be administering your treatment.

The time of your infusion will vary depending on your prescribed medication. Please speak to your doctor or contact our Infusion Center if you would like more information about your infusion.
We always try to accommodate a friend or a family member to sit with you during your infusion. Please contact our office to make arrangements. 
Please contact your doctor or our office regarding specific instructions on preparing for your infusion, especially eating or drinking before or during your infusion. Depending on the time and duration of your infusion, you may be directed to eat before you arrive at your infusion location. Your center may provide light snacks and beverages for you, or you can bring your own. 

Your doctor will be involved with your treatment but will not be physically present at your appointment. Your infusion is administered by a licensed healthcare professional and your doctor will always be in communication with our office. 

As always, see your regular doctor for all your usual check-ins or appointments not involving infusion administration. 

Many locations offer televisions and magazines to help pass the time. Here are some ideas you may also want to consider:

  • Use the time to relax. Take a nap.
  • Listen to music on your phone (be sure to bring headphones).
  • Watch a movie (if using a personal tablet please be sure to bring headphones)
  • Catch up on some reading.
  • Do a crossword puzzle, word search, etc.
  • Work on your laptop—our infusion centers offer free Wi-Fi access.

Operating Hours


9.30 am – 05 pm


By appointment


By appointment

Early bird and after hours appointment available upon request.

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