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Operating Hours


9.30 am – 05.00 pm


By appointment


By appointment

What is

infusion therapy

The specialty infusion therapies are given via IV intravenous infusion. Intravenous – meaning through the vein – infusions are a great way to quickly and efficiently deliver medication straight to the bloodstream.
IV infusions can be helpful in cases where a patient needs more immediate absorption of a medication. It can also help with medications that break down too quickly in the stomach to be absorbed fully when taken orally. For some patients who have trouble swallowing, IV infusion therapy is the only option for taking their medication. 


For Your Infusion

If this is your first infusion, you might be wondering what to do to prepare for your therapy.

Take a few moments to flip through this helpful slide presentation.

Slide presentation by the National Infusion Center Association.

IV Vitamins Improve Immune System

IV Vitamins Make Me Active

IV Vitamins Beat Hangover

IV Vitamins Energize Me

IV Vitamins Recharge Me

IV Vitamins Detoxify Me

IV Vitamins Slow Down Aging

IV Vitamins Make Me Younger

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