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Many supplements (vitamin, mineral, and amino) are not fully absorbed by the body when taken by mouth. One possible reason could be that some barrier(s) may exist in the gastrointestinal tract preventing adequate absorption. When said supplements are administered via an injection or intravenously (IV), much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body.



Detoxify your body. The BASIC+ drip helps break down chemicals from food and medicines to improve metabolism and improves the functioning of the liver.
A single source for all vital nutrients. Get an instant supply of micronutrients, which when combined with your diet take your health to entirely new level.
Recharge your brain. The BASIC+ drip consists of a high dose of Vitamin B12 that boosts brain’s capacity and efficiency.


Improve health of your skin and nails. Get a glowing skin and healthy nails with an appropriate supply of nutrients. Detox your body and improve your skin’s appearance. Get rid of toxins from your body and mitigate the impact of aging to look much younger and fitter. Improve your mental wellbeing and stress.
Beat stress and anxiety by consuming an adequate quantity of Vitamin B Complex.


Maintain a strong focus at work and during play. Become mindful. Increase your concentration to become more mindful of the present situation with an adequate dose of minerals and vitamins. Become a better decision maker. A focused mind improves the clarity of thoughts and understanding of the situation to help you become a better decision maker even in highly stressful situations. Remain active even after hours of work to enjoy your personal time without any feeling of exhaustion or loss of energy.


Win the fight against flu and common cold. Make your immune system robust. Flu and the common cold are so common and yet easily curable. With a concoction of Vitamin C and vital nutrients, you can beat them effortlessly. Beat airborne diseases by improving the functioning of your nervous system and a healthy heart. Replenish energy levels with a highly effective dose of nutrients, improve your immune system, build resistance to diseases, and energize your body and mind.


Bounce back to normalcy immediately. Get rid of a hangover and feel normal immediately to become more productive. Prevent the “gloom” of depression. Supply electrolytes to your cells to prevent feeling depressed after a bout of a hangover. Prevent headaches. Avoid dehydration which leads to a headache and body ache.


Energize your body in less than 30 min. Improve intensity of your workout. Whether you’re working out in a gym or playing a sport that requires physical vigor, nutrient IV therapy will let you increase the intensity. Boost your performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or just a fitness freak, this nutrient concoction will help you boost your performance considerably.
Maintain a high level of energy. Fight tiredness and keep your energy level high for lengthy workouts.


Reduce signs of aging on your skin – Achieve a glowing skin – with glutathione, an effective antioxidant, improve your skin’s quality by reversing the damage caused by aging – Rejuvenating the cells results in slowing down of the aging process and reverts the impact of oxidation on your skin – Achieve it through a dose of the glutathione nutrient IV drip each month – Enhance skin complexion and beauty – With appropriate doses of glutathione nutrient IV drip, eliminate melatonin accumulation under your skin and get a radiant and glowing skin.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness – Make your arteries and veins healthier with Chelation therapy and improve the overall cardiovascular fitness – Increase your lifespan – Decrease calcium accumulation in your arteries and mitigate risks of cardiovascular ailments – Chelation IV therapy removes metal deposits from the blood. It improves its flow through the body, which helps repair cellular damage.

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