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About Aduhelm

Aduhelm (aducanumab) treats Alzheimer’s disease by helping to remove amyloid, a protein that can build up in the brain. Aduhelm is not a cure, and it is not for all people with memory loss. Aduhelm is intended only for patients with mild cognitive impairment, defined as a mild decrease in memory and/or thinking that occurs daily but does not yet affect functioning.

Aduhelm’s approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in June 2021 was controversial, and some providers have chosen not to administer the drug. In addition, not all insurance plans will cover this drug.

For now, InfuseWell will administer Aduhelm, in close consultation with your prescribing physician.

Getting Your Aduhelm Infusion

Aduhelm is administered once every 4 weeks. Each intravenous infusion takes about an hour. Your doctor will order an MRI before we begin treatment and will closely monitor your progress while you are receiving Aduhelm. This may include additional MRIs and other testing.


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Our goal is to provide patients with courteous, prompt, and experienced infusion care. With just one phone call to the infusion center, the authorization process can begin immediately. All reimbursement and financial assistance options are explored in order to provide the patient’s infusion therapy at the lowest out-of-pocket costs to them.

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